Our Leadership and Team


Our leadership team model is inspired from the Five-fold ministry leadership model Paul outlines in Ephesians 4:11.

The Anchor: Apostolic/Senior Leader

The Apostolic Leader is tasked with establishing vision, direction, and foundation for the ministry. Jeremy Lau currently serves as the Senior Leader for Ekballo Harvest. Jeremy’s passion is to see the ministry firmly anchored in the Word but free enough to be a Spirit-blown ship (ministry) that carries out great exploits for the advancement of God’s kingdom.


Megaphone: Prophetic Leader

Karen Brooks-Wells has a deep passion for the presence of the Holy Spirit. His nearness and encountering His heartbeat is the number one thing that drives Karen’s life. As a prophetic voice for Ekballo, Karen frequently vocalizes the heart of the Father to keep us tethered to the priorities of the kingdom.


Globe: Evangelistic Leaders

Jason and Ruth Mann have a fiery passion for the Lord, for prayer, for worship and for reaching the lost. Having been a part of Ekballo Harvest since its inception as Core Team members, a powerful encounter at another house of prayer in New Jersey sparked a desire to begin orchestrating local outreach prayer walks in our community. Jason and Ruth have a huge desire to carry Papa God’s heart to the broken and lost.


Shepherd’s Staff: Pastoral Leaders

The Pastoral Leader oversees relational development within the ministry (prayer ministry team, greeters, etc.). Gerald (Jerry) Klinger carries a huge pastoral heart and works alongside our very own Human Resources Superwomen, Cristine Perez to insure that those who walk through the doors of Ekballo and MHOP are welcomed and loved on well.


Grad Cap: Teaching Leader

The Teaching Leader helps teach core values and assists in training for those who wish to get more in involved with the ministry. Currently Teresa (Teri) Klinger currently serves as our Teaching Leader. As a biblical counseling teacher, Teri has a passion to see set free and made whole through having personal revelation of biblical truth.


Crown: Worship Leaders


Chris and Kylie Hoyle have served faithfully in a number of capacities in Ekballo Harvest, but at the heart of who they are is worship. Currently they are serving as the official worship leaders for the ministry and their chief desire is to cultivate His Presence through song and melody. They long to see God’s people worship in Spirit and in Truth and not get caught up in the concert hype that typifies most modern worship.


“The Unseen Icon”: Intercessory Leader

While intercessors are often not recognized in ministry, Ekballo Harvest would not be what it is without the direction and input from our Intercessory Leader, who is tasked to help determine intercessory topics in the House of Prayer. Currently Gail Okuley is serving as our Intercessory Leader. Her passion is to see transformation and a outbreak of miracles in the Lehigh Valley through prophetic prayer and praise. Gail and her husband also lead an intercessory ministry, Pray for Lehigh Valley to spur Alignment, Activation, and Acceleration in expanding God’s Kingdom.

Betty Fluharty (picture coming soon) has recently joined the leadership team. As the Associate Intercessory Leader, Betty manages the prayer room. When Betty isn’t spending countless hours in the prayer room, she is diligently at work in the ministry office to assist in the logistical side of making sure the prayer room is sustained and can be prepared for expansion. She also serves as the personal intercessor for Jeremy and the team.

Board of Directors:

  • President: Jeremy Lau
  • Treasurer: Bettina Landis
  • Secretary: Renne Hoyle

Human Resources and Administrator:

The HRA is the heart beat of the ministry and is tasked with making sure that the practical execution of ministry tasks is accomplished efficiently and smoothly. Cristine Perez currently serves in this capacity and keeps everything organized and on point! Things get done around here because of her. Her passions include worship and biblical counseling to see people set free.