What Others Are Saying

There is a House of Prayer movement that is sweeping across the globe and God has seen fit to touch the heart of a young man from California named Jeremy Lau and send him to be a missionary here in the Lehigh Valley. From the moment I met Jeremy I understood that this young man is on a mission. He has jumped right in and is respectfully calling all of our churches to come and take our place in day and night intercession and worship. Can God make these dry bones live? If our churches come together in the unity of the Spirit and offer our unique prayer and worship unto God we will be able to raise up Mosaic House of Prayer.

Pastors Tony and Tammy Adamo, Kingdom Life Family Center in Orefield, PA


Our mission at El Shaddai Bethlehem Ministries is to reclaim the founding purpose of God for the city of Bethlehem.  Bethlehem was founded by the Moravians, who prayed 24/7 for 100 years.  We have been praying for 14 years for God to build His House of Prayer in the city of Bethlehem again.  We believe that MHOP is the answer to those prayers!

—Pastors Gerry & Marilyn Hartman, El Shaddai Bethlehem Ministries


Ekballo Harvest has exploded the Lehigh Valley as answer to prayer and a catalyst for a Great Awakening in the body of Christ. As is the case with many pastors, I have not seen the heart for prayer in our fellowship that I know God desires. Jeremy has answered the call of the Lord to come labor with us in our vineyard. Our body supports the ministry in prayer and finances because I have seen the fruit and I am convinced that Ekballo Harvest is an integral part the Lord’s plan for powerful prayer and worship, as well as unity in the body here in the Lehigh Valley.

Pastor Jim Weick, Bethlehem Community Fellowship


[Mosaic House of Prayer is] His Kingdom in action! Amazing! I highly recommend partnering with this Ministry.

Pastor Chris Engler, Asst Pastor at Agape New Testament Fellowship


Since attending and ministering at Mosaic House of Prayer, my relationship with the Lord and family has been renewed and strengthened…What an amazing ministry in the Lehigh Valley region and beyond!

Jill Bugbee, Senior Leader of Arise & Shine Art & Entertainment Ministries


MHOP is an answer to many years of intercession for this Valley. Power Remnant Ministries welcomes you and supports the need and importance to unify for the cause of Christ. May God have His way to the glory of His name!

Trese Strauss, Prophetic Overseer of Power Remnant Ministries